Mānuka Harvesting and Mulching

The Mānuka trees are hand and mechanically harvested from sustainable natural wild crops and plantations in remote locations of New Zealand.

The aerial leaves and twigs of the Mānuka are then mulched for distillation via traditional pure steam distillation processes.



Steam Distillation Process

Inside high quality stainless steel cooking containers the steam distillation process produces a very high quality pure Mānuka Essential Oil with exceptional properties/qualities.





Oil Separation and Filtration

The Mānuka Essential oil is then separated from the water portion (known as Hydrosol/Hydrolat) in typical Florentine separators.

Once separated the oil is then carefully dried and filtered.



Testing, Grading and Documentation

The oil from each distillation is rigorously QC tested in our own laboratory and checked and graded by our quality team.

Once a batch is completed we send a sample away to be tested by an independent accredited laboratory. The results from the laboratory are fully disclosed in the Certificate of Analysis available for every batch.

The oil is graded based on its Mānuka "βeta" -Triketone concentration and given a
MβTK™ grading that guaranties the minimum percentage of active β-Triketones in
the Mānuka Essential oil.